Behind every achievement of life there is a major role of a guru (teacher) who forms someone in a specialised field. For starting I would like to present my guru & thank him, the one by whose assistance and efforts that today I find myself at this stage.

I started my career as from the age of 18. At the age of 21 years I was nominated as an official priest at Kaylasonn Temple, Port-Louis.

Later on I followed a 3 year course to expertise my skills at the Tamil Saiva Sitaanta Kazagam. Continued perfection in South India at the age of 32 years in School of Sivanantha Vetha Paada Salai, Chennai. At the age of 37 I got the title of "Gurrukal"

Followed a course in Astrology on the Panjangam (Indian Astrology). I have also formed an association called "Sivanadiyar Association" and I am the president of this said association to promote language, religion and culture.

Sri Govindarajen Payaniandy Gurukkal (Aya Rajen) is married and has three children.
Sri Govindarajen Gurrukal Payaniandy was honoured by the  president of the Republic of Mauritius  as the  Member of the Order of  the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean  at  the State House, Reduit.